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Here are a few examples of things you should discuss with your child’s school authorities prior to employment:

   1. What is your school’s policy on attendance? Will this absence be classified as excused?
   2. Who will be the primary contact at the school (principal, teacher, guidance counselor)? Will the parent or the on-set teacher be the primary liaison with the school?
   3. How will daily assignments be obtained (by e-mail, telephoned, picked up by parent)?
   4. How often will the assignments be issued (daily, weekly)?
   5. Can advance work or extra credit assignments be provided?
   6. How much flexibility and what option does the set teacher have in supplementing or providing alternate assignments?

Parents: While on-set education can provide your child with an exceptional learning experience, it is important to remember that a positive and communicative relationship with your child’s school is invaluable.

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