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For Parents

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What is a Manager?

Double 19 Productions Policies for new clients

Working Hours and Schooling for Minors

Excused Absences - Schooling

SAG Employment of Minors rules

Coogan Trust Account Form For Employers

Minor Trust Deduction Guidelines

Agent Commission Chart

Work Permit Information and Application for California

Where to set up a Coogan Account (Blocked Trust)

W-4 Form

I-9 Form

W-9 Form (for Corporations Only)

Audition Log Sheet

Headshot Photographer Recommendations

Home Schooling and Independent Study Programs

High School Proficiency Test

Accepting no-pay and low-pay roles from Actor's Access, LA Casting and Casting Frontier

Guidelines For Parents And Kids When Working On Set

Background Agencies

Safety Guidelines for Minors on Set

Sample Feature Film Call Sheet

Sample Commercial Call Sheet

Family Medical Info. Sheet

Guardianship Form

Sample Report Card

Infant Information Sheet for set

Obtaining Work Permits Outside of California

SAG Membership requirements

How to join SAG-AFTRA

Financial Core

Commercial Contract FAQ

Equity Membership requirements

ACTRA Membership requirements

AGVA Membership requirements

Actor's Access

Casting Networks (aka LA Casting)

Casting Frontier

Obtaining a U.S. Passport

Obtaining a Social Security number for your child

What is Pilot Season?

Short-Term Housing in Los Angeles

Creating an Acting Reel

Create a business contact phone number for your child

Filing For Unemployment for your child


Useful Set Terms & Definitions


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