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Musical Theatre Scene Study for ages 15-25

Musical Theatre Scene Study Workshop (ages 15-25)

taught by Julie Stevens

4 weeks - starting in June
$40 a class (2 hours)
Location - West Hollywood

Students will be assigned a scene and song from a different musical each week. Scene and song will be emailed a week prior to class, so that the student has time to prepare the material. Musicals will range from classical to contemporary, however, the roles the students will be assigned will be age appropriate.

Students will be expected to research assigned show, character, composer/lyricist, genre, and (if they are super ambitious) watch the movie adaptation (if available). Students will be given feedback, direction and encouragement.

Students will learn how to break down a scene, analyze a character, understand place and setting, discuss different musical genres, discover their "type," both musically and physically, work on auditioning skills, learn how to dress to get the part, and begin to build their musical theatre repertoire.

Students should bring sheet music and their audition book each week, however, they will be singing to pre-recorded piano tracks in class. The tracks will be in the key from the score. If the student need the song to be transposed into a different key, I will provide a list of local pianists, as well as online services, that can produce a new track, at student's expense.

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