Here is a fantastic way to create a new business phone number for your child that is private and won’t allow strangers to know your cell or home number. It’s a great contact number for you to use on your child’s resume or anything public, like a website. You can even select a number if you don’t like the one they assign you.

You will need to have a gmail email account first. If you don’t already have a gmail address, I would suggest getting one, since you can access it from anywhere. Click here to set up a free gmail account:

To learn more about Google Voice, watch this video:

To set up a google voice account, go to

Once you have created your new phone number, you can direct the calls from that number to go only to your cell phone or to try all of your numbers until it reaches you. There are lots of great settings, like allowing you to hear who is calling before you answer the call or send the call directly to voicemail. If someone leaves a message, it send you the transcribed message to your gmail inbox as well as sending you a text on your cell phone. Now there is no reason to ever miss an important call! If you have a website or a blog, you can create a widget that will allow someone to click on a box and call you directly from their computer. Here is one of my blogs as an example of how to add the Call Me widget: