Double 19 Productions is a management and production company owned and operated by Julie Stevens. Having been a child actress, Julie understands what it takes to have a successful career while balancing a healthy, normal childhood. She wants to work with children who are self-motivated, able to take direction, and love to entertain. She is committed to using all of her resources in the industry to guide your child’s career and build industry contacts for them. What she will provide is:

– Meetings with agents for representation
– Positive working relationship with agents and casting directors
– Coaching for auditions (free)
– Recommendations of acting classes and casting workshops to continue your child’s education of the industry

– Recommendations of headshot photographers, publicists, accountants, money managers, and tutors.

You are expected to:
– Maintain current headshots, resumes and valid work permits
– Set up a Coogan Trust Account at a bank for your child
– Have your child listed on Actor’s AccessCasting Networks (aka LA Casting), and IMDB
– Have your child enrolled in at least one class at all times (improv, on-camera, commercial, cold reading or scene study)
– Be available for auditions
– Follow the guidelines set up by Double 19 Productions
– Always arrive on time to appointments and auditions
– Do not bring other children (siblings or friends) to the set who are not being employed
– Know how to behave at auditions and on set
– Always bring valid work permit (original, not a copy), Trust Account information, passport or two valid forms of ID to set in order to get paid
– Know how to complete a W-4,  I-9, and W-9 forms (all available on this website) – check with your accountant.
– Always bring 3 hours of schoolwork (homework, workbooks, computer) to set during the school year
– Be familiar and knowledgeable about the child labor laws and working hours of minors