Minors may not be around guns with blanks or any explosives.

Minors cannot use squibs – blood packs.

Minors may not come in close proximity to moving machinery, building or construction work of any kind.

Minors may not work in close proximity to explosives or functioning parts of unguarded and dangerous moving equipment, aircraft or vessels, or functioning blades or propellers.

Stunts and Hazardous Conditions:

1. If a minor is asked to perform any activity that seems hazardous or questionable, the minor is entitled to have the activity performed by a qualified stunt person.

2. It should never be the sole decision of the producer, director, stunt supervisor or any crew member that any activity is safe enough for the child to perform. The Studio Teacher will determine whether or not the child is in danger or uncomfortable and make the decision to proceed or stop.

3. It is the minor’s parent’s primary and most important responsibility to ensure the safety of their child. The Studio Teacher is on set to enforce all safety laws pertaining to minors.

4. The minor or the minor’s parents always has the right to refuse to perform any activity that might be hazardous to the minor, either physically or emotionally.

5. If the minor believes the situation is dangerous or is fearful (whether real or imagined) the minor cannot be required to perform. The minor should communicate any fears or concerns to the Studio Teacher.

6. Parent and minors should be acquainted with on-set Medics and first aid personnel (required on all SAG productions) upon arrival on set.

7. Outdoor shoots often require long periods of time in the elements. Parents should guard minors against dehydration, hypothermia and overexposure to the sun. Parents should not hesitate to contact Studio Teacher immediately if the minor is too wet, too cold or too tired.

8. If minor has any allergies, it is important to let the Studio Teacher and production know. There could be a scene where food needs to be eaten, rental costumes may be worn, flame retardant may be applied to clothes or skin, or there is exposure to insects or allergins.

8. Parents should consider the impact of mature or emotionally difficult dialogue or physical actions on their child’s well being. Only the parent knows what their child can tolerate and therefore MUST ensure their safety and welfare.

The Industry Wide Labor-Management Safety Committee periodically issues Safety Bulletins that deal with various safety issues. Parents may view these bulletins at